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Über mich: Über mich
Jacqueline Kirchhoff - Vocal Coach


I am a nutcase from England who has been living in Germany most of her live. My name is Jacqui and currently live in Gütersloh, a city in North Rhein Westphalia. Due to my Dad being  English and my Mum German,  I am lucky to be fluent in both languages.

I discovered my love for music at a very early age and was particularly fascinated by the "instrument" voice. Even as a young girl, I never missed opportunities to sing whenever and wherever I could. I also started teaching myself to play the guitar in order to accompany my singing.  

Later as a teenager and early adult I took my first singing lessons and became part of a band shortly after. With this I gained experience singing in front of a real audience. 

When my children were born, I had to musically slow down a bit. I only sang and played my guitar with my family until the kids were finally able to stand on their own two feet. Unfortunately, at this point in time, as a result of a serious illness that I had suffered in the meantime, I was no longer able to play the guitar. So from then on I concentrated solely even more intensely on my voice, periodically supported by a vocal coach.

Since then I went back on stage as a singer, and was a member of various bands. At some point I created my own band: " Jacqoustic ", a small but fine cover band in which we interpreted well-known and less well-known songs of different styles in our own style. In addition to solo appearances at weddings, birthdays, etc., Amongst other combinations I was the singer of the blues rock band “Seven Boots” and now occasionally appear as a guest singer in musician friends bands.

In the past people asked me for tips on singing techniques or asked for singing lessons and so gradually the desire grew in me to pass knowledge and skills on to other singing enthusiasts.

As I  was a training and quality manager for many years in a big international company where coaching and training employees was my daily business for almost twenty years. The next step was not far off, as this showed that not only sing but also coaching was in my blood (as they say).

Therefore I had the desire to really learn vocal coaching “from scratch”. So I decided to join the POWERVOICE Academy and let its founder Andres Balhorn successfully train me to become a vocal coach for rock and pop.

With a "box full of tools" and a lot of experience, I am now here for you and your voice.

Let it happen!

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